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Miércoles, Abril 29, 2020 - 19:04

The financialisation of the covid19 crisis

The economic crisis that accompanies the COVID19 and its health crisis have generated stock market collapses that had never been seen before. The decline has been more marked than that which occurred between 1929-31 and deeper.

Between February 25 and March 23, the financial markets had lost more than 30% of the value of their assets and the outlook was worse. The immediate solution was to inject the financial system in the United States, which was reproduced by the ECB and the Bank of England.

On the contrary, the US economy has accumulated, since February 2020, more than 27 million jobs lost, the highest in its history. The question of the rescue of the stock markets in the face of uncontrollable unemployment raises the question of the importance of the financial sector for decision-makers and policy makers.

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Crisis económica
Lunes, Abril 27, 2020 - 14:43

What changed with the epidemic?

Since December 31, 2019 the world has gone from predictions of declining economic growth/recession to being faced with the first global economic contraction since the 1930s.

Never before in peacetime has a country closed its factories and not shipped its finished products. This time manufacturing and foreign trade were frozen in China. Nor had it ever been seen that all services in all countries, some more than others, closed simultaneously, except for the United States, Great Britain and Mexico which closed later or did not close at all.

The contemporary societal lesson will be to have new forms of human contact, new forms of life. Global value chains must be rethought and industrialization policies must be rethought. Public health as a public good must return.

Theme of reaserch:
Crisis económica
Lunes, Abril 13, 2020 - 12:52

Covid-19: the beginning of the domino effect

The effects of COVID-19 on the real economy are beginning to materialize around the world. Since the second half of March, the first symptoms of the deterioration of confidence and uncertainty in the economy appeared when the stock market indices of the main countries fell to a minimum during the year.
The situation that will inevitably be seen for most countries in the world will be: falling output, unemployment despite the efforts of economic authorities. This time with a generalized impact for all countries, sectors and with a direct risk for the human being.
The domino effect has already started and now the situation that occurred in February in China is present in the rest of the economies in March. The effect, scope and horizon of normalisation of all activity seem to be far away and are uncertain.

Theme of reaserch:
Crisis económica