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Sábado, Mayo 21, 2022 - 01:35

The Molotov cocktail of hunger: inflation, shortages, climate crisis and war

Drought, climate crisis, fertilizer shortages and war threaten world food security and inflation; the Molotov cocktail fuse of hunger is burning. As the special military operation continues, it is not clear whether classical monetary theory will control inflation nor whether it will solve the problem of hunger.

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Crisis económica
Viernes, Mayo 13, 2022 - 20:22
Author:: Nestor Araujo

Eurasia and Latin America in Bipolar Multilateralism

The contemporary international scenario calls for regionalisms that are appropriate to the politi

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Integración y comercio
Viernes, Mayo 6, 2022 - 16:43

China: the leap to the Americas' playing field.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) opened the doors of its economy to the world in 1990, leavin

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Integración y comercio