Joselin García

The cost of climate change

Jue, 09/16/2021 - 11:31 -- anegrete

The Paris agreement, signed in 2015, is so far the most ambitious agreement developed among nations to combat climate change. This agreement seeks to keep the global temperature level below 2°c compared to the pre-industrial levels,

The actions taken by Latin American governments are insufficient to slow progressive climate change. The region will be one of the geographical areas most affected economically and socially by this fact.

Faced with the current climate scenario, developing countries should rethink how much they are doing to fight climate change, because, although they are not the most polluting nations in the world, they will be the most affected by it.

El coste del cambio climático

Jue, 09/16/2021 - 11:23 -- anegrete

El acuerdo de París, firmado en 2015, es hasta ahora el más ambicioso desarrollado entre las naciones para combatir el cambio climático. Dicho acuerdo busca mantener el nivel de temperatura mundial por debajo de los 2°c respecto a los niveles preindustriales.

Las acciones emprendidas por los gobiernos latinoamericanos resultan insuficientes para retardar el progresivo cambio climático. La región será una de las zonas geográficas más afectadas económica y socialmente por este hecho.

Ante el panorama climático actual, los países en desarrollo deberían replantearse que tanto están haciendo para luchar contra el cambio climático, ya que, si bien no son las naciones que mas contaminan a nivel mundial, si serán las mas afectadas por ello.

The US war on chinese 5G technology

Vie, 08/06/2021 - 14:33 -- anegrete

Despite the change of government in the U.S., the policy and actions taken with respect to Chinese technological containment remain intact, and international pressure continues to prevent Chinese companies from installing their digital transition technology.

The technology war and U.S. fears have had a marginal impact on the Asian giant's relations with Latin America. Some countries have bowed to Washington's pressure against the use of 5G, but most continue to negotiate its implementation.

The challenges that Latin America must overcome to put this technology into operation relate to the lack of infrastructure and the size of the investment.

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