WEF elites call "cost of living crisis" the main global risk in 2 years

Lun, 01/16/2023 - 09:41 -- lgarcia

On January 11, about a week before its members head to the Swiss ski resort of Davos, the WEF released a Global Risks Report, a survey asking 1,200 "global risk experts, policymakers and industry leaders" to identify the top risks the world is likely to face.

When asked to estimate the severity of such global risks, the majority of respondents ranked "cost-of-living crisis" as the biggest threat to the world in the next two years. Meanwhile, "failure to mitigate climate change" is considered the most serious global risk over the next decade.

The WEF drew criticism in 2020 when Schwab said he believes the pandemic is a "narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reboot our world."

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