Proyecciones económicas para Brasil

Mié, 10/23/2013 - 15:06 -- fmartinez
Economic Surveys Brazil (OECD)

Economic surveys: Brazil published by OECD (10/2013). "Brazil has moved up the ranks of the world's largest economies while achieving much more inclusive growth than in the past. Stable and predictable macroeconomic policies underpinned these gains. More recently, demand has been supported by macroeconomic stimulus, which has encouraged the expansion of the non-tradable sector, while manufacturing is suffering from declining competitiveness, and supply-side constraints appear to be biting..."

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Outlook of Brazil's Economy (Wilson Center)

The outlook of Brazil's economy in a tough political  season, a seminar organized by The Woodrow Wilson Center's Brazil Institute. "Dr. Barbosa discussed the outlook of the Brazilian economy as the nation embarks in an intense political season leading up to presidential, gubernatorial and congressional elections scheduled for october 2014." The event occured on September with the commentators: Teresa Ter-Minassian and José R. Afonso and moderator Paulo Sotero. The event documents are available in site of the Wilson Center.  

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Perspectivas da Economia Brasileira para 2014 (FGV/IBRE)

Perspectivas da economia brasileira para 2014 seminário promovido pelaFGV/IBRE com os apresentadores Silvia Matos, Samuel Pessoa, Nelson Barbosa, Armando Castelar Pinheiro e moderador Regis Bonelli. "O ano eleitoral de 2014 será, possivelmente, marcado por uma atuação visando a expansão da economia por parte dos formuladores de política econômica. Mas a necessidade de promover uma recuperação do crescimento do  nível de atividades sem que as ações a serem tomadas ameacem o controle da inflação e o equilíbrio do balanço de pagamentos impõe desafios e cuidados..."

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Policy Analysis in Brazil (Vaitsman et al.)

Policy analysis in Brasil by Jeni Vaitsman, José Mendes Ribeiro and Lenaura Lobato published by Policy Press, London (2013). "Policy analysis in Brazil is part of the International Library of Policy Analysis and is the first bool to paint a comprehensive panorama of policy analysis activities in Brazil. Highlighting the unique features of the Brazilian example, it brings together 18 studies by leading Brazilian social scientists on polcy analysis as a widespread activity pursued in a variety of policy fields annd through diferente methods by governamental and non-governamental institution and actors..."

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